Convention Model’s professionalism and outstanding efforts have a significant positive impact that maximizes appearance at every tradeshow!

Here are some client testimonials—for a full client reference sheet please use the contact form or send an email to info@conventionmodel.com.
Faraday Future

"Everything worked out great with the models for our 1/3rd event. They all went above and beyond to make it an amazing night. Alison was great as the team lead. The crowds were definitely overwhelming at times but each of the models kept calm under pressure. We would definitely book again through your agency." - Emily, Event Marketing

RF System Lab

"Our company has enjoyed a successful professional business relationship with Convention Model Agency for over 5-years. Convention Model’s ability to always provide top-level professional Talent who fit with our marketing and sales strategies is crucial for achieving outstanding results each and every time. If you are looking to increase results for your company or event, I would recommend selecting Convention Model Agency for your staffing needs." - Casey, Senior Sales Consultant


"I just wanted to say how awesome Abigail was for us. She had that rare combination of skills that once she greeted someone, and she chatted with them a bit, she got them to stop and talk to our sales guys. But probably most importantly, she had a degree in biochemical engineering, which basically made her the smartest person in our booth! Having that business background helped, as we didn’t have to explain what we were looking for in leads. So after a brief description of our business, she hit the ground running. I’d recommend and use Abigail again in a heartbeat." - Barry, Director of Marketing


"Ally and Convention Model Agency has changed the way we approach trade shows. To have one of their crowd-gatherers as the initial point of contact at any trade show has been our first layer of blueprint questioning. We learn right away what clients relate to our product, and who is attending the show that would not be the right client for us. This saves the experienced sales staff a tremendous amount of time as every conversation starts as a warm lead. This also increases the quality of the scans/leads at the show so that follow up from the show is very efficient. We had attended a number of different types of trade shows and have had positive experiences all around the country with the agency’s talent pool. We generally also save on travel expenses if we needed to bring additional employees to shows. The few shows we have not included a Convention Model we usually find ourselves trying to book with Ally last minute and she has been very accommodating." - Tip, Director of Business Development

Mercury Financial Group

"Hello, I wanted to follow-up with you about our experience last week with Anastasia and our booth at Schwab Impact. I’ve gotten raves about Anastasia from both people who were onsite, one of those is the owner of our company."

"The owner of the company said if he had a position for her, he would have hired her! They really like her hustle, and her go-getter attitude. She didn’t shy away from attendees, even though she didn’t know that much our company, or business. Thank you again for all your assistance in helping us set this up." - Ashley Goddard, Marketing Coordinator

Royole Corporation

"Convention Model Agency! thanks for making CES 2016 smooth for us. Overall, we are very happy with the experience. Next time, we will definitely be interested with going with you guys again. Particularly, Krystle is a great leader. I think she coordinated everything well. Randy, Michael are good gamers. We have a gaming section, they took good care of it. Kamilah Vincent and others are also good."

"Please make sure we get in touch 2-3 months before the show next year. If there is any show in the US that we will attend, I will check with you again as well." - Ze Yuan, Project Manager

Deltik Industries

"Lydia used her fabulous interpersonal skills to engage customers with specific informative tag lines about our product, and went above and beyond to learn to use the mobile lead scanner to increase our booth’s effectiveness in gathering customer information. On top of all that, she made the most gorgeous Marilyn! She engaged prospective clients with the most perfect combination of both wit and charm that the real Ms. Monroe would have approved herself. In the future, I will hire Lydia for any event... even if I need an Elvis!"

"Working through Convention Model Agency was also a pleasure! Ally was the agent who connected me with Lydia. Unfortunately our company decided to do this particular expo very late in the game, but Ally was on it. Ally responded in such a timely manner that having a Marilyn booked was the first thing I got to check off my list while frantically begging all the other vendor/event resources to squeeze us in. A BIG THANK YOU to Ally for her speedy service. Ally also did a wonderful job of keeping me informed with the status of the model and preparing the costume arrangements. I will definitely book through Convention Model Agency the next time we need talent for an event!" - Heather, Marketing Consultant


"Convention Model Agency has been a joy to work with. Over the past couple of years we’ve used them for multiple shows and the talent has always been top notch. We’ve enjoyed meeting a variety of outstanding individuals who have never disappointed. Always a joy to work with intelligent, engaging, and passionate people who go the extra mile and engage with our staff and our customers with such a high level of professionalism." - Joseph, CEO


"Juliet was great. She was intelligent, personable and self-sufficient. Once we discussed her duties, she was good to go and I did not have to watch over her. She did a fantastic job and I would definitely hire her again." - Analei, Sr. Marketing Manager

Ultimate Sports

"Tia was excellent to work with. She was very quick to pickup the product info and communicate it. She was engaging with trade show visitors. Pleasant and professional. High marks! As always Convention Model Agency, you will be the first we contact when we have something coming up." - Domenic, President

IPiFony Systems, Inc

"We’ve been a client of Convention Model Agency for 3 years now for trade shows and vendor meetings that we attend and are very pleased with the results. The talent is always very professional and they are very good at engaging people in productive conversations. They’ve learned our product offerings and are able to get prospects interested quickly... I would say we’ve increased our quality leads by at least 50% over what we could not have done on our own. And we’ve enjoyed a high success conversion rate to actual sales as well. It’s been a great partnership and we look forward to continued success with the help of Convention Model Agency!" - Tom Johnson, President / CEO

Digital Ignite

"We reached out because we were short-handed due to some employee personal conflicts. Convention Model agency’s staff quickly put together a roster of great candidates to consider and moved swiftly. We were well represented at those events with a professional staff thanks to the Convention Model agency team. I’ve found the company highly professional, amiable, and accommodating." - Tamer Ali, President

InterMetro Communications

"InterMetro Communications has utilized Convention Model Agency for spokesperson assistance for the past 3 years for our industry trade shows... Convention Model has been very easy for us to work with and assisted us in various markets: Dallas, Nashville, Las Vegas, Orlando, and San Francisco. The agency is careful to assist with a spokesperson that best matches our audience while saving costs of additional travel expenses with local market assistance. We highly recommend utilizing Convention Model Agency for your next industry trade show." - Eric Fuchs, Vice President


"Roberta was spectacular! Exceeded my expectations in every way. I would absolutely book her again through you. My experience with you was a cut above as well. You are so responsive and professional. Can’t thank you enough!" - Jerry

SDC Security

"We have contracted with Convention Model agency for several shows last year and this year. We have found the talent that Convention Model agency provides to be top of the line. Not only are the models physically attractive and engage effectively with our customers and show attendees, they take the time to learn about our products!" - Sandy King, Sales Assistant

Swann Communications

CES expo Las Vegas: "I would like to say that the girls did a great job, and special thanks to E’va who went above and beyond when the booth was busy directing traffic with our visitors, hopefully they both will be available for next year’s show." - Sara Hamilton, Marketing

Access Solutions

PowerGen expo Orlando: "We had a fantastic show and I am now a believer on using Tradeshow Models/Spokespersons. Jaclyn was perfect and we estimate that she drew in over half of the contacts made at the show. I’ll pull pictures from our time and forward them when I return from Florida. Thanks for your patience and we will connect the next time we do a trade show." - Kelvin Mann, CEO